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    If you have been charged with a sex crime — whether or not you are guilty — you may be facing serious penalties. Public outcry based on misinformation can cause prosecutors to ignore the facts. The government faces strong public pressure to prosecute alleged sex offenders aggressively. Children can be easily manipulated into making false allegations because they are often eager to please or because they are too young to understand what they are relaying.

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    Sex Crimes Defense

    We know children sometimes lie, or are very impressionable and eager to please, and therefore susceptible to manipulation. Contact our firm at the earliest possible moment if you believe you are under suspicion for any sex crime involving children:

    • Sexual assault of a child

    • Indecency with a child

    • Injury to a child

    • Rape

    • Statutory rape

    • Child molestation

    • Child pornography (possession or distribution)

    • Solicitation of a minor

    • Online solicitation of a minor (soliciting a minor in a chat room or on the Internet)

    Respected Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

    The government is under extreme pressure to prosecute individuals charged with sex crimes against a child. Even if accusations are false or exaggerated, it is very difficult to get the government to come to the same conclusion.

    Attorney Nicole DeBorde spent eight years as a Harris County prosecutor, and understands how the other side builds their cases. She is skilled at gathering the information necessary to fight charges.

    If You Are Innocent

    If you have been charged with a sex crime and you are innocent, you should speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. With so much on the line, it is critical to ensure that your rights and interests are protected through the criminal law process. It is important that your attorney mounts the most aggressive defense possible of the false accusations against you.

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    Even in the less serious cases, a sex crime conviction can yield extremely serious penalties, including mandatory registration as a sex offender. In serious cases, an individual could face life in prison.

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