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Have you been charged with a serious federal or state criminal offense in Texas? Crimes including fraud, assault, a drug crime, or sexual assault can result in serious penalties, including pricey fines and jail time.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you need an experienced state and federal criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and guide you through Texas’ complex criminal justice system.

Acclaimed Houston criminal defense attorneys Nicole DeBorde and Mark Hochglaube have nearly 20 years of experience handling high-profile criminal defense cases in the state and federal criminal justice systems. Ms. DeBorde is a former prosecutor who has discreetly handled cases ranging from basic to complex. She’s built an impressive record of success in both state and federal courts. Both Ms. DeBorde and Mr. Hochglaube are experienced criminal appeals lawyers, sex crime attorneys, and drug crime attorneys.

Criminal Defense From the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm: What You Can Expect

As a criminal defense client of the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm, you can expect dedicated and responsive legal representation – the kind of representation that consistently delivers positive results. They are known for providing our clients with an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate criminal defense lawyer in the Houston area.

Whether you require the legal services of a fraud attorney, drug crime attorney, or a sexual assault attorney, our legal team is here to provide you with full legal representation.
The attorneys at Hochglaube and DeBorde offer 24-hour virtual access, seven days a week by fax or e-mail. Not many lawyers make their cell phone numbers available to their clients, but they do. Ms. DeBorde and Mr. Hochglaube are available every step of the way to address immediate questions or concerns that arise.


A bright light in the darkness of the criminal justice system
Nicole got my federal case assigned to her and from the very first day in bond hearing she ripped the prosecutiona and agents to pieces – not with just being aggressive bu by being logical , quick and very cutting. i was denied bond at first do to my own actions but 87 days in federal custody she got me out. She got one of my counts waived and i did the leg monitor for 8 months awaiting sentencing in which she guided me through with everything I needed to get a lighter sentence. In the court before the judge she spoke more eloquently than anyone in the room and it was her efforts and passion that got me probation – i owe her my new life.

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Amazing lawyer
Amazing! I recently hired Ms. DeBorde to represent me for an old misdemeanor case that turned into a warrant. This warrant had been on my record for 7 yrs. I had moved out of state and needed this to be taken care of right without me going to jail. I called Nicole and she handled everything right away with a breeze. She told me she will try to get this taken care of without me stepping foot in Texas. Within just a few weeks she got my case dismissed! Even without me having to come into town! She is an absolutely amazing attorney. Very quick, very responsive, she really understood my case and handled it perfectly. I would pay her double for the work that she did if I had to. She is worth every penny.

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Top Notch Attorney
Nicole’s level of professionalism and true passion for helping her clients is unsurpassed. After being given the news that our case was going to be very hard to get re-opened and dismissed, Nicole was able to get it done in a matter of a few weeks. I would not use anyone else in the city!

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What a Find. An attorney that is honest and does what she says. Strait Forward
I was on probation and got arrested out of town. I had an attorney at the time’ who told me I would go to prison for 2 to 4 years for Revoke of Probation. I found Ms DeBorde who told me that she would fight all the way to make sure this didn’t happen. I hired her and in the end she did just what she said. I’m very greatful that we have people on this earth that care about others the way Ms DeBorde does. She is an honest straight forward super Attorney . Thank You Ms DeBorde.

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I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I feel towards Nicole. It was through her skill and effort that we were able to achieve the best possible scenario in my case and I am not sure that any other attorney in Houston would have been able to achieve the same result. Nicole has truly saved my life, and I could not imagine a more professional or effective attorney.

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Saved my sons future
Nicole and Gary saved my sons future. They are extremely knowledgeable and went the extra mile for us, achieving a full dismissal of the charges. Thry are very professional, communicate clearly and concisely and demonstrate a high level of skill and confidence that puts you at ease when your world feels upside down. Excellent lawyers!!

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Nicole has no equal. Excellent lawyer , knows the law, fair and well respected in the legal community.

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Excellent lawyer , knows the law, fair and well respected in the legal community.

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Nicole DeBorde is the best in the business!

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A great defender for dark times. Professional, fast, and courteous.

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Thank you Nicole and team, you all have restored my faith that lawyers can care, be knowledgeable, and fight for their clients.
So unfortunately I didn’t call her first. After paying a less than competent lawyer almost the same for making my situation worse and then the same lawyer referred me to another “criminal lawyer” who had a misconduct judgement against him. Needless to say my first lawyer posed and presented herself as a criminal lawyer- she was not and I am sure she realized it because brought in the other worse lawyer. So after firing them both, my trust was very shaken. I choose Nicole for her experience with the DA and in that specialty of criminal case. She and her team did not disappoint! They meet with me and my family and gave us hope back. What should have been dismissed from the beginning had me ended up charged. Nicole got charges reduced. That alone was worth it. Her fee was very reasonable for all her work.

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Nicole DeBorde and Mark Hochglaube are among the finest criminal-defense lawyers in the state.

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Nicole DeBorde… thank you for being my lifesaver. You deserve way more than 5 stars!

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Nicole DeBorde and Mark Hochglaube are hands down the absolute best criminal defense attorneys in the business. If you or a loved one find yourself in an unfortunate situation in which you need a defense attorney, I highly recommend choosing this firm to successfully guide you through the entire process.

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Molly is an insightful, thorough and diligent attorney who defended me in her first trial. From her tenacity and determination in our opening statement to her fearlessness in closing arguments, Molly proved to be a strong and bold advocate for me and all future clients. You can trust that Molly will always give you 110% of her best efforts.

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How to select a criminal defense attorney?
Look for an attorney who specializes in criminal defense cases. He or she should have experience with both state and federal criminal defense, and be familiar with the criminal court system. Defense attorneys with experience as prosecutors offer the most comprehensive support.

What factors should I consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney?
Experience is a critical factor when choosing a criminal defense attorney. Choose a lawyer who has years of experience handling federal and state criminal defense cases. An attorney and a criminal defense law firm should have the ability to complete investigations, represent you in a trial, and work with you on any appeals in your case.

A Former Prosecutor And A
Network Of Specialistson Your Side

Attorney Nicole DeBorde served with distinction as a Harris County Assistant District Attorney for eight years. She knows firsthand what kind of evidence the prosecution uses and how they build their cases. Ms. DeBorde is prepared to thwart the prosecution’s strategies at every turn on your behalf in a variety of state and federal criminal offenses:


Nicole DeBorde

Nicole DeBorde
Nicole DeBorde is an experienced criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer handling state and federal criminal matters at all phases from investigation through trial and post conviction and parole. She served as a prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office from 1994 through 2002

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Mark Hochglaube

Mark Hochglaube – Houston criminal defense attorney, Mark Hochglaube is board certified in criminal law and has practiced in Harris County plus it’s surrounding area for 18 years. After graduating magna cum laude from the Houston Law Center in 1998,

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Molly P. Bagshaw

Molly Bagshaw joins our firm after years of working in criminal defense and education. She recently graduated from the University of Houston Law Center. Molly passed the Texas Bar Exam and won her first jury trial all in the same month!

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